Welcome to Tamborine Mountain, home to Queensland’s oldest national park and the third oldest in the world.  In less than an hour rom the Gold Coast’s surf and sand you can be in the midst of one of the area’s hinterland gems.

Tamborine Mountain, rising over 600 metres, is the first hill behind the Gold Coast, giving it the ‘Green behind the Gold’ status.

This is the most northern section of the great volcanic caldera of Mt. Warning and forms part of ‘Australia’s green cauldron’ an Australian National Landscape of Significance.

Tamborine Mountain National Park consists of different sections.  The Witches Falls Section, with its grassy picnic areas surrounded by a natural greenhouse, was the first section declared in 1908.  Since then 13 sections have been added.

The Gold Coast’s hinterland is recognised as one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia.  It’s subtropical rainforests habour a huge number of rare and endangered animals and plants.  Today’s visitors can experience not only natural but also man-made treasures.  There are aware-winning restaurants, artisans studios, shopping for antiques and knock-knack at quaint outlets and quirky mountain markets.  Plus roadside stalls, wineries, distilleries and local events.

Amidst all of this wonderment, lies The Escarpment Retreat & Spa.

Our entourage arrived at the Escarpment on one of the hottest days of the year (admittedly it was the first week of the year but hot nonetheless).  It took us just over an hours drive from Brisbane to reach our destination and let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait.  On first glance you could easily be mistaken for thinking that you had been transported to another country.  The views are absolutely to die for, particularly from our choice of accommodation in the Edge House.  No word of a lie, this place is literally on the edge of the world.  To say it is spectacular would be an absolute understatement.

I have decided that I am never going home and I have done a LOT of travelling in my years on this planet and I have to say this this is up there on my favourite list and even better, it is on our own back door step – literally!

During our short but blissful stay here, I will take you through all of our experiences from dining at some of the finest wineries and pubs to shopping at the local markets, boutiques and produce stores.  Again, one of my favourite things to do is rummage through vintage “stuff” and this place has them in abundance!

Off the beaten track is some of the greatest walking tracks and in the 36plus degree heat, I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to lose weight or fluids (whichever comes first) whilst posting this blog/vlog…

I digress… so back to the Edge House which is what I am featuring first in my 10 part series of weekly posts so you can get a true feel for what this place is truly like.  This place is equipped with absolutely everything you could possibly need during your stay to make it feel like home (AND HEAVEN!) The only thing you need to bring is personal items and an assortment of food and wine. Did I mention wine?  Funny that, because even  if you have the shortest memory in history, it doesn’t matter here because there are so many opulent vineyards and restaurants just around the corner, that it doesn’t even matter.  And for those socially inept, there is also a convenience store so you can pick up the odd list of groceries to make that special family or someone that perfect dinner.

After which, take a dip in the sublime spa whilst sipping champagne and overlooking the secluded forest.  Did I mention I love this place?

To familiarise yourself more with the layout of the land, be sure to check out the virtual tour of the house and stay tuned for the next installment, where I am taking you on an adventure to a couple of wineries, pubs, boutiques and a special tour of the villas and the world famous Escarpment Breakfast. Until my next post,… ciao for now & Enjoy!

View the Virtual Tour of the Edge House