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Will You Marry Me?



The escarpment retreat and day spa is many things to many people, but most of them revolve around love. Once guests enter via our large wrought iron gates, they seem to enter another realm, an enchanting space where romance is abundant at every turn.


We have guests who come here for their honeymoons, anniversaries and romantic getaways but the ones that touch us the most are the marriage proposals. In the kingdom of the homo sapien species, no other popularly asked question has the power to cause massive changes in someone's life as the simple question  "will you marry me?" The ever increasing number of Romeos that come here to propose to their beloved Juliets has led us to create a place called Lovers View specifically for this age old and life changing experience.
We believe that such a unique moment in time deserves to have every reasonable step taken to ensure the outcome is a positive one.
So, the first thing that we need to do is to ensure that the person who is about to be proposed to is free of stress and in a receptive and positive state of mind. To do this we arrange for a massage, usually an hour and a half will ensure that.

Whilst your partner is experiencing bliss, we are at work transforming Lovers View into a magical place by adding subtle romantic touches like candles, music, champagne, chocolates and a kneeling cushion.

Later, when the time is right we will take some pictures so that you will always have the memory of this special moment.

Here are details on our wonderful proposal package, designed to make your marriage proposal romantic, personal, intimate, and memorable




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