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Why Massage

Why Massage

There are some “basic principles” as to why massage can be the answer for what ails you, I have chosen three.


Principle 1 :

The individual is a whole organism
in which everything is connected and there-for related.

For example, if an individual is suffering with repeated headaches this could be stress related. If they try regular massage as a treatment, the therapist would aim to relax the neck and shoulder region and progress down through the arms to the hands.  A warm and relaxing feeling spreads through the upper torso which leads to less tension being carried in these muscles and as a result the headaches can become less frequent and could be eliminated overall.

Principle 2:

Shortened muscles can do no work.

Bones provide the structural support for the body. Muscles allow the body to move. So for muscle tissue to work optimally it must be able to contract and expand.  If an individual is experiencing pain in their hamstring the cause is that the muscle tissue has become stuck in the shortened (or contracted) position. Massage will release   the muscle so the normal function of contraction and stretching with movement happens again, regular massage will improve the overall fitness for all overworked muscle groups in the body. 

Principle 3:

Soft tissue responds to touch.

Many theories exist as to why this happens, I believe it is because massage therapy has evolved out of one of our most basic desires…… to touch and be touched. 

You may be overworked, underappreciated or just plain tired so picture this, you have a massage booked. When you get there the room smells of beautiful oils. There is soft lighting and softer music playing and then you begin to relax as your therapist takes you to another place. When it’s over your mindset has changed, you feel refreshed and ready for whatever lays ahead. So come and develop your own theory as to why massage can work for you at The Escarpment Day Spa on Mt Tamborine.