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Tripadvisor Review – Can’t wait to get back!

Written by Reboona from Brisbane, Australia

We are about to relocate to Perth, so we decided to treat ourselves for an early Valentinestripadvisor travelers' choice 2012 Day present and shout ourselves a night each for a second time at Escarpment just last weekend. So we could enjoy it one more time before we have to shift off! To be honest I was a little worried, that our first time was so amazing that this time we might get disappointed but I made sure I came back having no expectations! Like they say if you expect nothing, you will get everything! And I am so glad we did because it was another pleasant much needed experience! We decided with the two night escape this time to make the most of the weekend we could arriving on a Sunday afternoon because I am a fellow hospitality worker! Unfortunately we clearly arrived on the back end of a busy weekend finding Carolynne a little rattled, putting her on the spot trying to think of a dinner spot for us for the night so we decided to give her a break and head back to our room for a nice afternoon nap in the huge comfortable king beds with the relaxing sounds of the rainforest surrounding us! After reading the in room info on surrounding dining and our much needed nap we decided to go for a drive to find us a place to eat for the night. We were quiet embarrassed when we pulled out the driveway and there was a beautiful pub literally 100 metres down the road, so we went in and inquired about dinner and was just blown away by the breath taking views out the back, that we were sold and quickly headed back to Escarpment! We decided to have our bubbly by the river out the back when we got back to start off our relaxing weekend as you can see by the pictures!

Then quickly headed back to the pub to make the most of the views like I have never seen at a pub before, making the drinks that much more enjoyable! Once the sunset and couldn’t enjoy the views any more we decided to head in side for dinner, enjoying a good quality old fashioned pub meals of a large steak and a chicken schnitzel burger very sufficient and filling very recommended! Then we couldn’t believe our eyes when this huge gorgeous St. Bernard walked into the dining room making himself at home on the floor, finding out it was the resident St. Bernard – Leo! We quickly got some pictures with the dog who wasn’t even bothered by it the gorgeous thing it was! Then we decided to head into public bar which is a lovely old fashioned bar just like the rest of the pub making you feel very warm and cozy! Being polite, we introduced ourselves to another couple at the bar we found ourselves quickly settling in for the night, having great chats across the bar even with the owner! Knowing its a quiet place on a Sunday night I was worried our night wasn’t going to last but the bar manager who was so kind stayed opened all the way up to midnight for us and we had the most fun just chatting amongst ourselves being the only ones in the bar and later being joined by Leo! So its safe to say if you want a great old fashioned night out and make new friends then head next store to the St. Bernard hotel you won’t be disappointed! and if you are then just go take in the view!

So we woke with some heavy heads not surprising after the great night we had! But we knew Carolynne had the answer for us with one of her tasty Works Breakfast which comes apart of your daily breakfast along with cereal, fresh fruit and yoghurt plus juices and tea and coffee, which you have in a gorgeous little room over looking their main function room with the best fire place I have seen and the surrounding rainforest! I certainly recommend the Works breakfast if you are looking for a filling tasty treat to get your energy for the day ahead! After breakfast we took advantage of the clever business on the mountain “The HO HO Bus” which is a hope on, hope off service where they will take you to which ever sight you want to see on the mountain, drop you off for how ever like and then come collect you for your next destination which is great if you want to experience all the wineries and breweries without having to drive with the small fee of $40 each for the day! Just ask Carolynne at the front desk to book it for you and they will come collect you from Escarpment just after breakfast! We were able to go for the Sky walk which is a family owned business on private property that built a huge sky walk through the surrounding rainforest very nice, then the World Famous Mt Tambourine Distillery, then dropped off for a nice walk to the Curtis Falls waterfall, then we needed a refreshing brew at the Brewery which have some very nice beers if you are a beer snob at all or not and a cheese factory right next door! Now we worked up our apatite we decided to give the Bavarian House a shot for lunch, loving Bavarian food my self after visiting Germany we were certainly not disappointed with our big feast sharing the Bavarian Platter for two a must have! while relaxing back on the back deck over looking a nice pond with resident ducks! After lunch we headed down the road to the Cedar Creek Winery for a wine tasting plus experience their hand made Glow Worm caves which is very informative and fascinating! Now I had wished we had done 3 nights at Escarpment so we could fit so much more in, but this was more enough of a day for us knowing what we had to look forward too that night!

Getting back to Escarpment we decided on another nap after a big day while I organised with Carolynne how to use their in house cinema which is very relaxing in the big cinema chairs having the very private room to your self! But before that happened Carolynne had managed to sneak me in for a message after another couple that afternoon which was to die for, their residential masseuse was amazing! Not to mention afterwards we had a lovely in house dinner to look forward which was so delicious last time and was spot on again this time. Saving our dessert for later to be enjoyed after a fun movie and very relaxing spa! After another great day and night their is no better feeling then climbing into their super comfy king beds making you have the best sleep you have had in a long time!

Waking up the next morning, we found it hard getting out of bed knowing this was our last morning and wanting to make the most of it waking up to the gentle sound of rain coming down around us on the rainforest, giving you such a comforting feeling! After struggling out of bed we wondered down for breakfast around 9:15am which is a bit naughty seeing as breakfast finished at 9:30am but Carolynne was too happy to do it for us! Was very nice having the room to our selves and being personally waited on by Gary and Carolynne, especially Gary after the tough time he has had of late with his lovely daughter, enjoying our last Big Breakfast which was delicious just like every other time I could never get sick of the great flavours!

Sadly once breakfast was over it was time to go back and pack up and check out, definitely the hardest thing to do at this establishment, especially with the light rain falling around us making everything seem so refreshed and relaxing! So with great joy but sadness we had to say goodbye to Carolynne and Gary not knowing when we will be back again! But safe to say if we have any spare time over the next couple of years I will definitely coming back! I just love this place! The more you put into it, the more you get out of it! So if your having any doubts about this place then don’t because as you can see if you come in with no expectations you will be blown away like we were!

So thank you again to Carolynne and Gary for another memorable much need relaxing experience! And thank you to Carolynne for all the hard work you went too for us again! All the best for the future and keep up the great work! Cheers Paul and Beck