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Feature Article Writer Appointed National Wildlife Chairperson

Ronda Green is a regular contributor  on the Escarpment Retreat’s Feature Article  page, posting many interesting nature and wildlife stories for our readers about the wonderful and diverse range of animals that we have on the mountain. One of Ronda’s gifts is that she exp
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Kookaburras a-plenty!

Those avian  icons of the Australian bush, the kookaburras, have lately been very vocal and active on the Mountain   Kookaburras usually breed during spring, finishing in December or January.  I have heard that they will make a second attempt later in summer at breeding if their
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Scenic Rim Wildlife Meeting at Tamborine

It is fitting that the first meeting of the year for Scenic Rim Wildlife is at the foot of Tamborine Mountain, to discuss some exciting plans for 2011. The wildlife of Tamborine Mountain harbours world-famous species such as lyrebirds and bowerbirds as well as lesser-known creatures s
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