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Escape The Heat And Be Cooler!

With the hottest temperatures in Australian history, we’re inviting everyone to come up to the mountain this weekend where it is cooler. Walk amongst the giants in our temperate rainforests and splash in the mountain’s rock pools. It’s a great escape from the heat. To add a litt
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Lyrebirds On The Mountain

One of the most amazing birds on Mt Tamborine is Albert’s lyrebird as it has a very interesting bird call. Normally birds like to breed when it is warm but the lyrebirds prefer winter. There are 2lyrebird species and they are both accomplished mimics. The other type of lyrebird
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Wildlife Corridor Workshop

Entry is free but bookings are essential: ph 55441283, email or leave a message on   Article kindly supplied by Ronda Green, BSc(Hons) PhD, Araucaria Ecotours, Chair Wildlife Tourism Australia, Chair Scenic Rim
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