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Our Secret Garden

Above is a picture of our driveway disappearing into a 2 storey tangled mess of vines, branches and trees that spanned from our border right  across to and including our driveway. So what do you do when a neighbour’s huge tree crashes into your property destroying over a dozen e
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Epic Frog

I think this is a truly amazing short video. It captures so many aspects of nature …. it’s beauty, it’s dangers, being able to see small life on an expansive level plus the music creates a wonderful backdrop in showcasing this marvellous epic tale As you know, we are
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Feature Article Writer Appointed National Wildlife Chairperson

Ronda Green is a regular contributor  on the Escarpment Retreat’s Feature Article  page, posting many interesting nature and wildlife stories for our readers about the wonderful and diverse range of animals that we have on the mountain. One of Ronda’s gifts is that she exp
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