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Surprise Proposal

Valentine’s Day may be the best time to pop the question. Let us help you plan that wonderful and romantic event , check out our Proposal Package and we’ll make sure that this precious moment will be a very memorable one.

Let me share you this beautiful article courtesy of featuring a surprise proposal from one of our guests, Mr. Ryan Birch to the apple of his eye, Julia Erhard… caught on cam.  We’re so delighted that this has been featured to as well. Our sincerest and warmest thank you on behalf of the Escarpment Retreat & Day Spa family.

Paparazzi-style pics capture proposal

Surprise Proposal

THIS is the moment Ryan Birch popped the question to his bride-to-be Julia Erhard, captured paparazzi-style by a photographer hiding in a hedge.

The new trend, called paparazzi proposals, is taking off among grooms who want to capture the spontaneity and joy of one of the most important life events for couples.

The photographer behind the lens on this occasion was Gary Poole, the owner of The Escarpment Retreat and Spa at Mount Tamborine.

Mr Birch, 26, said his fiancee Julia Erhard, 23, was confused when Mr Poole appeared from the bush.

“After she said ‘yes’, Gary came out,” he said.

“She was a little startled and asked me who he was.

“She is now over the moon because he captured the entire thing.”

Mr Birch said he planned the moment for weeks with Mr Poole.

“I always knew that if I ever got married I would make it big,” he said.

“There was champagne and candles and Taylor Swift playing in the background.

“We even timed how long it would take to reach the retreat with my music playlist.

“I think she knew it was coming.”

While Mr Poole has been taking photos of guests after proposals for years, he said it was a customer request in early January that made him decide to capture the moment without the knowledge of the unsuspecting bride-to-be.

“Mr Birch asked me if I would take photos of the moment he asked his girlfriend to marry him and to capture her surprise and emotions,” he said.

“Inside I was thinking that I didn’t want to be there at such a personal time but I go along with what all of my guests ask so I did it and the end result was just fantastic.”

Mr Poole said the service had now been added to the retreat’s Marry Me package and was far better than recreating the moment for photos.

“We normally come up after and take some photos of them because it is normally such an intimate and personal moment, but this fella’s asked me to do it and it was great to witness such a fantastic moment,” he said.

“This is a moment in time that often isn’t captured and being able to provide couples with images of every second of the proposal is a great feeling.”

Mr Poole hid in the bushes a short distance from where the proposal was unfolding but said the couple would not have noticed him had he stood in plain view.

“I just hid about 5m from them behind a series of waist-height hedges but in the end I was just standing up because both of them were totally oblivious to their surroundings,” he said.

“They were so connected, I could have done star jumps and they wouldn’t have noticed I was there.”

Mr Poole said the photos were one of the many special touches the retreat included in the proposal package to help create a memorable moment for their guests.

“We find out what music she likes and have that all set up and we organise a 90-minute massage for her so that he can prepare,” he said.

“It’s such an important moment that you really want to get right and having the photos of her reaction is just fantastic.”