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Scenic Rim Press Release

Gary Poole is Business Person of the Year

Local businessman, Gary Poole has been given the biggest individual honour at The Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards last Friday.

The father of three young children and owner of The Escarpment Retreat and Day Spa was incredibly touched by the award. Like any business owner, the past two years have been incredibly hard. He had this to say at the award:

“There is a Chinese a proverb that said a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step ….but no one told me it was going to be uphill. But I persisted with bloody-minded stubbornness and it has paid off”.

In the past two years when overseas and inter-state visitors dipped significantly, Gary did something that few could – he doubled the occupancy rate at The Escarpment Retreat.

He is very quick to point out that he could not have done it alone.

“ Carolynne Bax is my manager and  equally deserves this award as much as I do. She has ‘owned” the operational part of the business. I am incredibly grateful to her and the rest of the hardworking staff at The Escarpment. You can have a great product but it would not continue to be great if not for the passion and dedication of the staff”.

“Carolynne and I work so well together that guests often assume we are married and then raise their eyebrows when they see Tuty, my wife, on the scene!”

The business had been voted Top Ten Spa Retreat in Australia and in the South Pacific region by the prominent website for two years running. In fact, it was voted top spa retreat in Queensland by the website this year.


Gary came from an impoverished and homeless childhood with little education to eventually being the CEO of Apartments of Melbourne which ran over 300 serviced apartments. Having sold that business and retiring for awhile, he then decided to move his family to Mount Tamborine nearly five years ago.

Gary and his wife, Tuty felt the climate and community were exceptional.

“We had lived in cities and rural areas but nothing beats living in a place where you get the best of the country and the city.”

Gary also has a strong belief in the richness of the local talent and the mountain’s core attributes.

“Mt Tamborine is a mecca attracting creative minds and we have many talented people. From a family perspective we have a relatively wholesome environment and having a capital city on our doorstep means that businesses have a reliable source of income irrespective of what happens in the global economy”

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Gary Poole