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Romantic Packages


Our romantic Proposal Package has been created to assist in ensuring that when you ask the big question she is in the mood, the setting is picturesque and intimate and the atmosphere is enchanting.

It includes:

  • 90 minute pre proposal massage to ensure that your partner is relaxed and in the mood.
  • exclusive access to Lovers View – a romantic lookout on the edge of the cliff with view through the valleys to the coast.
  • preparation including candles, kneeling cushion, music player, ice bucket with chilled quality Australian sparkling wine, chocolates, champagne flutes.
  • dozens of "on location" photos during or after the proposal to capture this magical moment in your lives, available within 1 day so that you can share the good news.

All inclusive cost $205


  • Please read our Privacy Policy
  • 48 hours notice so that we have time to notify guests not to stray into your area, source supplies etc.
  • Please bring some of your favourite music on a usb stick, cd or better still bring your smart phone with her favourite romantic playlist
  • We recommend a massage at approximately 3:00 pm finishing at 4:30 and arriving at Lovers View just on dusk.