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Pay It Forward

Pay it forward

The Pay It Forward principal is similar to pay it back but instead you pay it forward to someone else. A bit like Random Acts Of Kindness. The concept was made famous in a recent movie. I must confess that I am really not into Hollywood block busters but this trailer does give a good representation of what it is all about.

Winning an award is one thing but giving back to the community is just as rewarding. Have decided to start the ball rolling by having a half price massages and am wondering  if there are other citizens in our community, especially businesses that  feel the way we do about wanting to help others less fortunate.

Happy to catch up for  a coffee if anyone is interested to see what we can do as a collective group to make a difference to our beautiful region. If it is easier for you my mobile is 0422 502020

Pay it

Here are some links that will give you extra information:

However, the simplest way to find out more is just to google the term pay it forward