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Muscle Team Adventure Challenge

Supporting Muscular Dystrophy FoundationEvery now and again we get to be part of something truly inspiring. The "Muscle Team" came to stay at the Escarpment Retreat and this was one of those occassions


Muscular dystrophy afffects approximately 20,000 Australians. Whilst most of us sit back and see this as a statistic, living amongst us are some of the most passionate indivduals, who are actually getting off their bums and doing something about this.


A dozen individuals have gone out into their communities and each one has individually raised at least $10,000 towards thosse afflicted with muscular dystrophy. The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Of South Australia is taking these contributors (known as the Muscle Team) on an adventure of a life time. Each day they get to experience something quite unique. Their days can be quite gruelling, challenging and not surprisingly very rewarding as their daily schedule includes atleast two physical challenges which can be walking, climbing, running or swimming. The Muscle Team have no idea of what there next location or challenge will be and every day they wake up to a new goal that will test their endurance, heighten their resolve and result in success and satisfaction in achieving what they were asked to do.


What they do know though is that they are developing strong team empathy for their colleaugues and experiencing new and unique life situations that people dont not normally have the opportunity to be part of. These people were already on the upper level of achievement with what they have done in successfully contributing to M.D.F., so you can imagine how much more they will get out of life after having been part of this life changing adventure


Getting to meet the team behind the team, ie Kate, Jess, Steph and Lisa was a glimpse into a world of passion, humanity and caring where every day they wake up they know that they have a chance to be part of a worthwhile cause where they are all making a difference. 


My special thanks to our team including Carolynne, Josh, Sam and Aaron who worked tirelessly to prepare the property and to our professional team of housekeepers and Sue our Day Spa Manager. Also to Tuty who wasnt well the day before getting up to provide a massage in the early morning.


Lastly but not leastly in any way, congratulations to our very own local master chef – Terri Taylor from the Tamborine Cooking School who prepared a feast to behold. The proof was in the pudding …the plates were nearly licked clean! And to Mandy from Granny Macs who is a living legend and always always supports our causes. And then there is Vanilla consisting of Deb who is lead vocalist, accompanied by Ceri and Sam on the bongoes.


I cant really say that there was just one highlight. I think there were so many highlights that the night was just one big highlight. However Troy Gray's rap rendition would equal anything on X Factor!


Lastly a big round of applause for Tourism Events Queensland staff for their enthusiastic, passionate and greatly appreciated support for everything good in Queensland


If a picture is worth 1000 words, then here is a short novel.