Masseuse Career

Masseuse Career


The Escarpment Retreat is a local award winning and international award winning retreat on top of Mt Tamborine. We are seeking someone very special to either manage or profit share the Day Spa facility at this most amazing property.

Our retreat is set on 4 acres of beautifully cared for gardens which our gardener had cared for passionately for 6 years before his hasty departure. Ideally you will have a strong background in horticulture, landscaping, gardening and botany

Set in and amongst our gardens are 6 luxury villas, a dedicated day spa and our main lodge.  Here is a virtual tour of some of the property so that you can get a feel for it.

The person that we are looking for will need to have a number of qualities including:

  •  highly skilled in the craft of providing professional massaging
  •  ability to provide a variety of massage styles  and techniques
  •  proven and demonstrable business acumen
  • developed marketing skills
  • excellent clientelle rapport


This is a wonderful opportunity for someone with the right skills to literally work in paradise.

Could you please send details about yourself and your skills/experience to

Our intention is to evaluate potential candidates, place those that we feel would be suitable on a short list. If you have been shortlisted,  we will:

- ask you in for an interview

- have you perform massages for a couple of ours practical massage work

We will then select our preferred candidate and notify the other finalists

Hopefully this description is adequate however if you have any issues or queries or I haven’t explained something adequately then please feel free to email me on the above email address or mobile 0422 50 20 20. Good luck with your application

Warmest regards,