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Marriage Proposal Movie

In the kingdom of the homo sapien species, no other popularly asked question has the power to cause massive changes in someone’s life as the simple question “will you marry me?”

The “will you marry me question” is being asked more and more at the Escarpment Retreat, well known for being one of the most romantic properties in Queensland. Blessed with many features, one of them turning out to be a perfect location for proposals.

We are regularly handing out cushions for these nervous lovers to kneel on so that they are physically comfortable, having found from experience that when they wince and propose at the same time, it sends out mixed signals.

To get the word out about this unique attraction at the Escarpment Retreat, we were able to take advantage of Tourism Queensland’s social media development opportunity available to tourism operators and fund a short video. TPD Media who are well known for such shows as the Great South East, Creek To Coast, and Queensland Weekender were commissioned to produce the video.

So when an article went into one of the local papers that this video was being produced, budding actors from near and far turned up to audition for the roles of smitten lovers. It didnt take very long for all of them to get well acquainted with their co-role partners, many using the winter weather as a good ice breaker to have a cuddle.

Due to the number of proposals and the “where heaven meets earth” feel about the rear escarpment area, much of the credit for the idea goes to Nicole Thomas from Gold Coast Tourism who made the initial suggestion to promote this special space as a dedicated area for marriage proposals.

Several names had been put forward as to what to call the area including the Hitching Post, Proposal Point and Lovers Leap with the latter being appropriate if the answer was a “no”. However we think that a fun way to give it a meaningful name is to have a competition, so get ready with your names as you could win the 2 night getaway package that we will be promoting via the media.

Some lovers have gone to amazing lengths to woo their partners into saying yes. The picture below illustrates one of those occassions, showing a delicate arrangement of flower petals spelling “marry me?”. We found ourselves not only wishing this young man every success but also praying that the breeze would stay low during the proposal.