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Maintenance Duties & Procedures


Rubblsih Bins

The 4 of them are to be taken out last thing on a monday night. Opening part of the bins faces the road, placed out the front on lhs, in front of letter box. There are 4 bins including one at the rear. Bins are to be brought in on tuesdays. please place the rear bin in the correct location, on the lhs of the garage, down the side, out of the way. This is so that when folk walk down the back to admire the view, they arent confronted with a rubbish bin. The other reason that the bin needs to go down the side, out of the way is that cars park down the side and if the bin is obvious then they wont park their cars down the side. Before returning the bins to their correct location (ie 3 next to the kitchen and one at the rear), please check to see if they need hosing and/or disinfecting


Check the outside circuit to ensure that all lights work. The timer is located in the MDF room, on the north side of the lodge. Importantly, some of the lights are 12v. These are the low watt bollard lights on the steps up to v5 and v6 and the single bollard light at the top of the steps on the pathway that leads down to the MDF room