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Flood Relief Assistance – Reduced Rates

Yes we are the lucky ones up here but that doesnt mean that we dont feel everyone else’s pain We have decided to substantially lower our rates substantially till mid February This special is to recognise just how tough it is for Queenslanders at the moment. Hope you are able to
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Tripadvisor International Award

 I guess we go about our business in a regular daily habit. It was 5:00 am and I was   opening my inbox as I do every morning. Deleting the usual lot of junk emails,  including the regular one advising me that my Telstra login was lost and I should  re- enter my personal details to re
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Experience Nature

The sun is out, our waterfall is thundering, the trickle stream is gushing, frogs are jumping around excitedly, the gardens are as lush as can be and in the mornings there is a fine mist over the property……the perfect place to escape
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Locals Give At Qld’s First Flood Relief Concert

  The first concert to help the Queensland flood victims, was held in our Scenic Rim backyard on Saturday 15th January at the Woodhill Community Hall near Jimboomba. As well as  raising money for those desperate families who lost everything, it was also an opportunity for the peo
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How Do I Get To Mount Tamborine With Flooding Everywhere?

Good question! We are getting calls quite regularly on this issue. Below the northern section of Tamborine Mountain are many low lying areas which are prone to flooding. We highly recommend avoiding coming up via Oxenford The fastest and best way to get to Tamborine Mountain is via He
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Sundowner Tour Value Pack

We are delighted to advise that in conjunction with Sundowner Restaurant and Tamborine Mountain Tours, the Escarpment Retreat is pleased to announce our latest package. We think it will be a real winner for our guests Being a two day, one night package it includes lots of things but y
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Scenic Rim Wildlife Meeting at Tamborine

It is fitting that the first meeting of the year for Scenic Rim Wildlife is at the foot of Tamborine Mountain, to discuss some exciting plans for 2011. The wildlife of Tamborine Mountain harbours world-famous species such as lyrebirds and bowerbirds as well as lesser-known creatures s
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Come Along To Our Photography Club

 Interested in Photography? Why not share some time with like minded people? Tamborine Mountain Photography Club is about to be launched and anybody with an interest in photography or is keen to start a new hobby is welcome to attend. The group is intended to be a casual meeting to di
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garterbelts and gasoline

Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival

GARTERBELTS & GASOLINE Nostalgia festival rolls into town – May 3 to 5 The festival is a celebration of hot rods and rockabilly that runs across the long weekend. Multiple events will be held, featuring cars, music, fashion and food. It’s visually exciting and offers a great
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