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Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

Mount Tamborine is a popular destination for short breaks and no wonder as it is only an hour to central Brisbane and just over 30  minutes from the Gold Coast

Located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, the mountain has become an enclave for those seeking luxury amidst rainforest serenity. On your  doorstep is a truly unique community which exudes an addictive combination of sleepy coastal town and chic modern village. There are 2 beautiful villages on this 8 kilometre razorback, both having natural charm and simplicity.

Mt Tamborine often surprises visitors with its tropical rainforest, unique, brilliantly colourful, exotic birds and a tranquillity that is a complete contrast to the incessant daily noise of the Coast

Perched on a Mt Tamborine cliff is the Escarpment Retreat & Day Spa offering the perfect environment for couples to enjoy an experience centred on romance, relaxation, leisure pursuits and the region’s natural beauty – tailored for couples that want a romantic escape. Whether you are staying just a couple of nights or plan on lingering longer, consider combining your Escarpment stay with a hot air balloon adventure, taking to the sky to get an aerial view of this beautiful area

Prices start from $250 per person. The flights include floating up in your hot air balloon to see panoramic 360 degree views of Mount Tamborine, the Gold Coast Hinterland, Lamington National Park and even out to the coast and the spires of the Gold Coast high-rise.

We suggest that the perfect short break itinerary on your drive to Escarpment Retreat includes starting your experience  with a Scenic Rim hot air balloon ride. Meet your ballooning driver at Canungra and hop on-board to go to the daily balloon launch site. Balloons travel with the breeze, so every day, and every flight is different, taking into consideration the weather conditions that are best suited to ballooning.

Your balloon pilot has lots of interesting facts and observations, as one of Australia’s most experienced balloon pilots, please feel free to ask him anything about the Scenic Rim or ballooning. Did you know that the very first balloon ride was when two French brothers, Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier, saw that paper floated up in to the air. They thought that the heat and smoke from the flame had a special lifting power and they set their minds to inventing a craft that could capture the heat and lift them off the ground. It is recorded that on the 4th June 1973 the first balloon flight was launched by the brothers with 3 animals on-board but landed after just 7 minutes it landed. Once the Montgolfier brothers realised what they had achieved they approached King Louis XVI the King of France. You too can be amazed like the King, when you experience the sensation of ballooning, it’s certainly one that passengers never forget.

Whether it’s the gentle take-offs, so gentle that most don’t realise they have lifted off and are up, up and away. Or when floating over the hinterland watching the other balloons, the views of the kaleidoscope of balloon envelope colours, with the morning’s first rays of the sun, making for some amazing photos. On-board with Hot Air Balloon Scenic Rim, you can also choose to enjoy getting your photo taken mid-flight by their remote controlled cameras. The very first of its kind in Australia. Other locations include Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns & Port Douglas

Don’t look for any other reasons, go on spoil yourself!