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Helping Hand

When Happiness Is Only A Warm Blanket

There are over 25,000 homeless children in Australia and they are certainly unhappy. I know, I was one of them. I promise you that if you help them that you will feel much happier about yourself.

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If you are moved by my story and would like to help then here is the link

Everyone was there to help raise money for Vinnies. There were some serious and emotional moments and some fun moments. Here is one of those happy segments that is a pantomine led by Karen williams Redlands Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk Brisbane Lord Mayor, Paul Pisasale Ipswich Lord Mayor, Tim Nicholls State Treasurer, Tim Mander Minister For Housing, Dean Merlot from Merlot Coffee, Jodi Schmidt Tafe Queensland all hamming it up.


Graham Quirk and Paul Pisasale did a great job auctioning the prizes. We were very pleased that they raised $2000 for the prize donated by the Escarpment Retreat