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Daily Telegraph Down Under

Daily Telgraph Down Under

We were fortunate to have Olver Smith from the Daily Telegraph stay with us the other week.

Folk in the U.K. dream of being able to get to Australia, enjoy our sunshine, lifestyle and clean fresh air.

Oliver came here to soak up the atmosphere, ambience and charm that Mt Tamborine provides.

Whilst Oliver was here he got to experience our 2 course dinner presented in clay tagines, our beatiful gardens,

decadent spa bath, comfy king size four poster bed and home made breakfast.

He was also able to experience a couple of walks in the rainforests and lunch at the Brewery in Eagle Heights.

What was unplanned and an amazing experience for Oliver was to be able to witness a ferocious storm first

hand at the Escarpment. Oliver mentioned the next day that he turned off the tv just to be able to listen to the sound

of the hail pounding on the roof and once the storm had passed there was an eerie silence followed by the sounds 

of our rainforest frogs all rejoicing in the abundance of water that was every where to be seen.

It was great meeting Oliver and we are sure that he will go home with lots of lovely memories