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CEO Sleepout

ceo sleepout

Last year I went along to a life changing event, the Vinnies CEO Sleepout at Southbank. I felt that

I was part of a brotherhood of humanity, all uniting for a very important cause. There was a strong sense of purpose,

comradery and empowerment that our energies were collectively multiplying to help the homeless 

I felt humbled to be their keynote speaker.


Here is my personal story of being homeless at a young age.


The next day we all went back to our own beds, feeling warm and secure in our own home environment. However

I was still reeling from the night before. Sleeping on a concrete floor was something that I havent done for

a long long time and it triggered something inside of me. It seemed to me that a dark closed chapter of my life

had somehow been opened again and that a past life had come back to haunt me. I was insecure, lacked

confidence, started stutterring and was quite afraid.


Although it took some time for these feelings to regress, I will  be going back again this year. I would really like to

continue to raise awareness for the homeless. I dont know if the same frightenining sensations will come back

again however even if these feelings do surface again, they are nothing compared to the suffering that

anyone  currently sleeping on the street night after night will be experiencing. They have nothing to look forward to

that will give them any solice that their lives could possiby improve. They know in their hearts that every single day

day is a survival battle …please help me to help them


Vinnies Sleepout