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Carnival in Venice

Carnival in Venice

 Hilltop on Tamborine invites you

for drinks with the artist Howard Sparks


Sunday 17 February 1pm-4pm

Exhibition includes evocative figure paintings in oil and acrylic, depicting people wearing their costumes and masks at the annual celebration of Carnival in Venice.

Carnival in Venice, a time of dreams and intrigue takes place in February each year. The earliest evidence of Carnival celebrations dates from the year 1094 AD. Venice is a city of incredible wealth in sculpture painting and ornamentation.  Venice was destroyed and left in ruins by Napolean Bonaparte in 1797.  It has now reclaimed itself to be a unique, fascinating and colorful city.

Howard Sparks’ long career as a painter of fine art started in 1962 and still continues today. Twenty-two solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions have not quelled the desire to paint and exhibit his works of art. Mood, mystery and atmosphere, whether in the landscapes or the evocative figure studies has always been the underlying theme.

Howard will be exhibiting paintings from the Carnival in Venice series also in New York on the 21st of March.

Contact +61 7 5545 1424